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Apricot – „Sweet memories”
Its smell is sweet and lightsome, its flavour takes you back to the paternal home, and it calls your granny's apricot jam to your mind. As it runs down your throat you feel as if you have a pleasant walk in the apricot plantation of  Vasi Hegyhát.

William's pear – Pear - „The Pleasure of our Hills”
Its smell is lemon-like, with its gentle and harsh flavour you can go on a fantastic journey to the rolling countryside of Vasi Hegyhát where the prides of our fabulous pear plantation open up before your eyes: the „freckled”, ruddy-coloured William'pears.

Sour cherry – bunchy sour cherry – „Red Pearls”
If you taste them you can feel the ruddy-coloured
fruit pearls of the summer in your mouth. They can
conjure the real pleasure of tippling into you by their sourish flavour.

Plum – „The Mannish”
Its smell components are the chocolate and the cacao. As you put it to your lips first you savour marzipan flavour which grasp your tongue while spreading in your mouth and almond spreads in all of your bones.

Apple - „The Traditionalist”
It is the eternal favourite of tippling people respecting traditions. During drinking our classic nectar the fine and real apple smell and the gentle flavour start a war of conquest against your sense organs.

Grape pomace – „Sorrow smashing”
It is a worthily honoured drink for Hungarians, since the part missing from the domestic local wines is put into the kettle of our distilling masters in order that the valuable basic materials not to be in vain. Its flavour is harmonic, full-bodied with aromatic characteristics typical of the grape. Its smell and flavour is weakly sweet typical to the fruit.

Cherry - „Summer feeling”
We can feel ourselves among the limbs of a cherry tree. Pure flavour, delicious taste, fruity smell. Citrous, with mild spices. Its taste is like
the taste of bigaroon.

Black currant – „Dark pleasure”
It has a real promising smell which is waiting for
an explorer. It spirits you away but in the next moment it intrigues you and you are itching to drink it to stroke your lips. Its flood of flavours floods
the inside of your mouth.

Elderberry – „Flavour miracle”
See the modest elder trees and their limbs swimming
in the whiteness! Get a sniff of the especial smell
of their limbs! Listen to the nice music of the glasses! Drink this special brandy and you will feel the weakly tartish flavour of elderberries!

Quince – „Dual soul”
It is a special mixture of the characteristics of apple
and pear. Delicious spices, light citrous and muscat flavour. It is typical for its duality that the light characteristic of the acrid-tasting peel can be realized
in its smell and its taste as well. It is a brandy having real perfumed characteristics.

Irsai Olivér grapes – „Hits twice”
Unique Irsai Olivér grapes are also perfect raw materials for pálinka. It captivates you with its fresh flavour, delicate and mild fragrance of grapes.

Wild plum – „Roly-Poly”
Its fruity aroma seduces you, its flavour is full-bodied and long-lasting, its fragrance carries mild citrus characteristics. A sip of it creates a feeling
of wildness and strength.

Blackthorn – „Hegyhát Mystery”
Dear tippling friends! Please do not judge at first glance, because it can leave black mark on you, in spite of its dark colour it is a special dash of colour among brandies and gives you precious moments by the help of its sourish flavour and strong, intense smell. I can prove you that life is not always the exterior if your interior is the essence! 

Raspberry – „A walk in the grove”
A pleasant walk in the raspberry grove. Intensive, characteristic and fresh fragrance. With its savoury, long-lasting fruitiness, it promises real pleasures
to all gourmands.

Wild pear – „Vackor”
Pálinka made of wild fruits are a rarity.
Its mellow, intensive aroma, long-lasting aftertaste makes its flavour harmonious and balanced.

Distillate carrots – “Freshness”
Carries unmistakable intensive, fresh carrot characteristics.

Honey liqueur from sour cherry 
Honey liqueur from pear 
Honey liqueur from apricot 
Honey liqueur from elderberry 
Apple liqeur with honey and cinnamon 
Spicy plum liqueur