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It is a pleasur  to welcome you among spirit-drinkers!

In Vas County people have been growing plants and fruit on the ridges of the hilly countryside for time immemorial. Several orchards have been formed over the last decades. The tradition of distilling also started at the same time.

To carry on with this tradition, int he village of Oszkó we formed our orchard in compliance with the requirements of our times. In our distillery spirits are produced in traditional old pots system.

Each step of the process from fruit growing to bottling is done by our family business. This way we can guarantee the high quality of each bottle.

Special scents and aromas due to  the character of the arable land  and total harmony of fresh aromatic essences can be felt in the spirits that have the flavour of excellent and mild fruit.

We consider the apprecation of Hungarian Spirits /Pálinka/ important, also the way it is drunk and spreading its  culture.

Our spirits are entitled to increase the number of Hungarian Products. They offer a remarkable experience in the world  of aromas and scents.

Try it and enjoy it!
The distillery is owned by us and it is located in the vilage of Győrvár. By previous arrangement, it is possible for groups to visit the site and have a look at production, from the processing of raw material through the secrets of pálinka making right up to bottling. Fruit pálinka products may also be tasted. We can offer you possibility to have meal as demanded.  Moreover fishing and hunting are also available possibilities here.

Try it, to your health!