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  • We grow and protect the high quality, delicious fruit produced in Oszkó, on the hills of the Vasi Hegyhát [Vasi Ridge], with professional care so that when the time comes it would serve as a perfect basis for the Birkás Pálinka. The several acres of land produces apples, apricots and Williams pears, while we buy the ingredients for our Pálinka with more unusual flavour (blackthorn, ’gipsy’ sour cherry, wild cherry, wild plum, raspberry etc.).
  • After harvested, the fruit is taken to our factory, where we mash it as the first step of the process, then we carry out direct fermentation.
  • We do the distillation by using three devices. A traditional still, and two modern, single-stage distillers.
  • The final stage - before the Hungarikum is served for the dear fans of Pálinka - is the bottling and labelling for which we use machines and human resources.